Antiquity will be offering a 3 day AHERA building inspector course:

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Dates:  October 30th, 31st, Nov, 1

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Course Details:

  •  Physical Characteristics of Asbestos
  •  Uses and Applications of Asbestos Containing Building Materials
  •  Health Effects/Medical Surveillance
  •  Sampling Protocols and Analytical Methodologies
  •  Provincial Regulations
  •  Specification Review
  •  Legal Considerations
  •  Insurance for the Building Inspector
  •  Safety Considerations
  •  Personal Protection
  •  Identification of Suspect ACM
  •  Assessing Suspect ACM

WorkSafe BC Requirements: Part 6 Substance Specific

The employer must ensure that a qualified person:

(a) Collects representative samples of the materials in the workplace that the Qualified Person suspects contain asbestos, and

(b) Determines whether each of the samples is asbestos-containing material.

If a qualified person suspects that an inaccessible material contain asbestos, the material must be treated as asbestos-containing

material unless a qualified person determines, in accordance with subsection (1)(b), that it is not asbestos-containing material.

The employer must also:

(a) Ensure that a qualified person prepares an inventory of all asbestos-Containing materials in the workplace,

(b) Keep the inventory at the workplace, and

(c) Keep the inventory current.

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