Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd. is owned and operated by Trevor Getty and is a full spectrum Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety company that offers quality services in the lower mainland and Western Canada.

Antiquity consultants are certified and trained to perform these services in a professional, timely manner at a reasonable cost to our clients. Our client base includes customers from the residential, commercial, and industrial

Occupational Health & Safety Specialists 

Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd. is a occupational hygeine and environmental health & safety consulting team.   Our Certified Industrial Hygenist Trevor Getty CIH, ROH, CRSP, CPHI (C), ABI. and quaified team carries over 35 years of experience.  Antiquity offers a full range of services to identify, maintain and improve the safety and health in both the public and private sectors.

Our Philosophy

Antiquity Environmental’s philosophy is to provide our clients with exceptional,  competent, courteous and professional service.  Your health and safety is our business!

 What do we do

Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd. specializes in occupational hygiene, environmental, safety services, education and training. Our certified team has a wealth of knowledge, education and experiences and is highly recognized in the environmental and occupational industry. Our team will work with you to deliver exceptional services to improve the safety of your oraginazation, job site or home.


We are ComplyWorks Certified!