Antiquity Environmental Consulting is owned and operated by Trevor Getty and is a full spectrum Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety company that offers services in the lower mainland and Western Canada.

Antiquity consultants are certified and trained to perform these services in a professional, timely manner at a reasonable cost to our clients. Our client base includes customers from the residential, commercial, and industrial

About Our Business

The environment we work and live in has become increasingly important to individuals, families, organizations, regulatory officials, and to financial institutions responsible for mortgaging real estate.  The proliferation of marijuana grow operations and clandestine labs have resulted in damages to property, adverse health conditions, and significant liability concerns for the general public, lending institutions, and regulatory officials at all levels of government.  Unnecessary exposure to workplace contaminants and non-compliance with regulatory criteria result in sickness, injury, and death, not to mention the increased costs to all – including workers, families, regulatory and compensatory bodies.

Families and workers need safe environments to live and work in, free of environmental contamination.


The importance of understanding and maintaining our environment at home and in the workplace will continue to become of paramount importance today and in decades to follow. This statement rings especially true given our innate need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves at work, and our family at home,  and the important need to be responsible stewards of the environment with increasingly limited finite resources.

 What do we do?

Antiquity delivers customer service orientated investigations that help identify factors that could be contributing to the ill health effects of individuals in their home or workplace. We provide solutions and peace of mind to their issues.  We provide a well-rounded combination of customer orientated service from the initial contact right through to the follow up after our service has been completed. Our pride is in providing first class customer service to all of our clients.  We can provide a variety of products to help improve the indoor air quality within your home or workplace.


We are ComplyWorks Certified!