Mould is a potential public health concern for both the public and persons required to investigate, assess, or remediate mould in buildings. Mould contamination in buildings can cause a variety of toxic effects to susceptible persons including; young children, immunosuppressed individuals, seniors, persons with extreme sensitivities and pre-existing immunological responses and remediation workers.  The Antiquity Environmental Mould Awareness Course has been designed to include the following course objectives;

  • To familiarize participants with health effects caused by various agents typically known to cause indoor air quality concerns including moulds.
  • To review commonly used IAQ terms used in the mould abatement industry including sick building syndrome vs. building related illness.
  • To explain to participants where and how mould can grow and proliferate in buildings.
  • To conduct a basic indoor air quality assessment related to mould related issues in buildings for the purpose of determining the source of mould.
  • To review the existing regulatory criteria, and indoor air quality guidelines and remediation standards related to mould.
  • To provide an understanding of the various methods available for the assessment of indoor air quality and mould issues, and strategies to control them.
  • To identify the steps building owners and homeowners can take to prevent future mould growth.

Course Fee: $340 per person per course. Course Fee: Combined Mould & Asbestos Awareness Course $600.00 per person.

Course Location: 885 West Georgia Street, Suite 1500, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 3E8

Date: TBA

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