Professional Fumigation Services 


Antiquity Environmental Consulting Services offers a COVID-19 fumigation service. Spaces that can be disinfected with our aerosolized fumigation treatment include but are not limited to residential homes, gyms, government facilities, restaurants, daycares, schools, hospitals, seniors homes, health care facilities, public buildings , public transportation, vehicles, small personal service facilities (i.e. hair salons), retail stores and any facility where public gathers.

 Our fumigation system involves fogging the interior space with a halogen disinfectant that will inactivate COVID-19 on both porous and inanimate surfaces. The disinfectant is applied by an aerosolized machine that disperses the disinfectant into the air and onto surfaces inside infected and potentially infected spaces.

Pre fumigation of spaces (including vehicles) with no evidence of the viral contamination can be employed and or post fumigation of spaces where COVID-19 is known to be present on surfaces or where persons have tested positive for COVID-19.

The fumigation process does not eliminate the potential for viral transmission but is both a proactive and reactive response to help eliminate the presence and transmission of COVID-19. Given the exposure potential is primarily via the respiratory route all other means of eliminating and or controlling COVID-19  and its transmission should be used including, understanding any published guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19  and should include but not limited to:

Frequent hand washing Disinfection of surfaces
Avoidance of close contact with others Self quarantine / isolate

Application times and fees are based on the type of space being fumigated.



We are ComplyWorks Certified!