Level S – Asbestos Surveyor & Sampler Safety Course – Hazardous Materials Building Inspector Safety Course


Learn the skills & knowledge required to safely conduct Asbestos Surveys & Sampling and Hazardous Materials Building Inspections. This course meets the WorkSafeBC requirements for Level S Certification. This course is required by anyone that is conducting surveys of workplaces for the purpose of abatement where building materials are suspected of containing asbestos, including activities such as identifying, collecting, and assessing asbestos-containing materials. This Course includes Level 1  – Asbestos Awareness. WSBC Level S Exam is not included.

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Level S - 2-day Course: 2 days on-line with live instructor

This Course is authorized by WorkSafeBC and meets the requirments for Level S Surveyor Safety

Antiquity’s Level S  - HMBI course was developed by a Qualified Person (as per Worksafe BC Definition) Trevor Getty, CIH, ROH, CRSP, CPHI (c) and his team of safety professionals. Our course includes regulatory content and guidelines related to asbestos, lead, mould, and underground storage tanks as well as other potential work exposure concerns inspectors may encounter when conducting hazardous materials inspections.

Level S certification is required for anyone performing asbestos surveys and sampling potential asbestos containng materials.

This course provides Asbestos Surveyors and Hazardous Material Inspectors with the knowledge, understanding and competency necessary to Safetly perform sampling and handling of asbestos while conducting Work Safe BC compliant Surveys and Sampling Techniques for residential and commercial buildings undergoing renovations and demolition.

This course includes Level 1 Foundational Awareness. WSBC Level S Exam is not included.

Continuing Professional Development Credits: 20.0 CPD (Informal) hours by BC Housing Licensed Builder Program

The Highlights of the course are:

  • Physical characteristics of hazardous materials
  • Potential health effects related to hazardous materials
  • Identification of Asbestos, USTs, CFC, PCBs, Radon, Mould, Lead, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Hantavirus, Grow Operations, Clandestine Labs
  • Pre-Inspection planning & reviewing documents
  • Provincial regulations related to hazardous materials
  • Review of WorkSafe BC bulk sampling guidelines and required work safe documents
  • Legal liability, responsibility and duties of Hazardous Materials Building Inspectors
  • Safety considerations & personal protection equipment (PPE requirements)
  • Walk through survey and site safety
  • Develop sampling plan for bulk sampling
  • Hands on bulk sampling techniques for asbestos and lead
  • Collect bulk samples for laboratory analysis
  • Chain of Custody forms
  • Understanding & reporting laboratory results
  • Writing HMBI Reports

Full payment must be made at the time of registration and no refunds will be issued once registration is completed.

Courses are subject to cancellation, and course dates and locations are subject to change. Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd. reserves the rights to cancel and reschedule this course. Must be 18 years and older to enroll.