WorkSafeBC Authorized Asbestos Abatement Certification Training

Level 1 Foundations Asbestos Awareness – Online Virtual Course with Live Instructor

This Level 1 Asbestos Awareness online course with live instructor has been established to provide asbestos awareness to individuals and companies that could encounter asbestos materials during typical work related duties. This 4 hour course provides you with the knowledge and safe handling practices needed to achieve WorkSafeBC Level 1 Certification. Must be 18 years and older to enroll.

Level 2 Asbestos Abatement Safety Training Course

This Level 2 Asbestos Safety Abatement Certificate Course was established to provide abatement workers with the training they need to conduct abatement. Anyone doing asbestos abatement work in B.C. will need to have certification that they have completed this training. 3-day Course: 2 days on-line with live instructor, 1 day in person, on site practical assessment & in person WSBC exam. Must be 18 years and older to enroll.

This Course Includes:  Level 1, Level 2 , Level 2 Practical Skills Assessment and WorkSafeBC Level 2 written exam

RENEWAL – Level 2 Asbestos Abatement Certificate Renewal Course

Upgrade your Antiquity High & Moderate Abatement Certificate to a Level 2 Asbestos Abatement Certificate regonizied by WorkSafe BC

Prerequisite: Antiquity High & Moderate Abatement Certiifcation not Expired 

The 1 Day In person skills test and WSBC Level 2 Exam is required to achieve a valid WSBC Level 2 Abatement certificate (valid for 3 years).

Level 3 Asbestos Safety Leader – Abatement Supervisor Course

This Level 3 Asbestos Supervisor on-line course with live instructor meets the WorkSafe BC requirements for Level 3 Asbestos Safety Leaders Course. This course is required by anyone that plans, oversees, supervises and manages an asbestos abatement site. Must be 18 years and older to enroll.

1-Day online course with live instructor. WSBC Level 3 Exam not included

Prerequisite: Level 2 Course

Silica Awareness Course – Online Course – 2 Hours

This Silica awareness course provides awareness for those living and/or working around silica containing materials. This course meets WorkSafeBC mandatory training requirements for silica awareness level. 2.0 CPD (Informal) hours by BC Housing Licensed Builder Program

Level S – Asbestos Surveyor & Sampler Safety Course – Hazardous Materials Building Inspector Safety Course

Learn the skills & knowledge required to safely conduct Asbestos Surveys & Sampling and Hazardous Materials Building Inspections. This course meets the WorkSafeBC requirements for Level S Certification. This course is required by anyone that is conducting surveys of workplaces for the purpose of abatement where building materials are suspected of containing asbestos, including activities such as identifying, collecting, and assessing asbestos-containing materials. This Course includes Level 1  – Asbestos Awareness. WSBC Level S Exam is not included.

RENEWAL – Level S – Asbestos Surveyor & Sampler – Hazardous Materials Building Inspector Renewal Course

This 4 hour on-line renewal course is developed to re-certify students as Level S Asbestos Surveyors & Samplers  – Hazardous Materials Building Inspectors (HMBI)

WorkSafe BC Certification Exams: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level S

To become WorkSafe BC Certified you must successfully pass the WSBC exam for your Level.  If you have successfully completed a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Level S course with Antiquity Environmental you are ready to write your WorkSafe BC exam. Antiquity proctors all Levels of WSBC exams. We offer ONLINE EXAMS through zoom or IN PERSON EXAMS in Langley/Pitt Meadows.

WorkSafe BC Exams: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level S

Prerequisite: Completed Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Level S Antiquity course