Indoor Air Quality Testing

air quality testing in progressAntiquity Environmental provides air-sampling services for commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

In the workplace, Antiquity can provide air sampling needs for all chemical, physical and biological contaminants listed in WorkSafeBC Legislation, including Table 5 and those contaminants listed in the annual ACGIH Threshold Limit Value booklet.

In the home or office Antiquity can provide onsite indoor air quality assessments with state of the art instrumentation to determine sources of building related illnesses and sick building syndrome.

Types of Air Quality Testing Provided

Antiquity Environmental provides air sampling, occupational exposure monitoring, area monitoring, or engineering control monitoring for a wide variety of workplace contaminants including but not limited to the following:

  • Asbestos in buildings
  • Asbestos high-risk monitoring during abatements
  • Mercury
  • Silica
  • Lead
  • PCB’s
  • Formaldehyde
  • Welding fumes
  • Chemicals related to painting operations including Isocyanates
  • Mould
  • Radon
  • Ultra fine particles, Dust & Particulates
  • Metals in air
  • Carbon Diozide, Carbon Monoxide and VOC’s
  • Indoor air quality parameters

Environmental Sampling

Environmental Sampling for contaminants in environmental media is often required for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The forms of environmental sampling that are provided by Antiquity include the following:

  • Bacteriological sampling for E. coli due to cross contamination or source pollution
  • Bacteriological sampling for Legionella often found in cooling towers
  • Chemical water sampling for metals.
  • Chemical sampling for Radon
  • Soil sampling for PCB’s, Radon, Petroleum products, underground storage tank contamination

Indoor Air Testing & Mould Assessments

air quality testing machineAntiquity Environmental Consulting provides indoor air quality investigations for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Certified indoor air quality professionals have the skills to assess and provide solutions to indoor air quality problems related to chemical, physical and biological contaminants at home and in the workplace.

For residential homes, a basic service is provided which includes an onsite assessment with recommendations to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

The basic plus service includes assessment of chemical, physical or biological stressors with a combination of instrumentation and certified lab analysis as required.

The range of services includes:

  • Indoor air quality problem identification and assessment
  • HVAC system assessment
  • Sick building syndrome and building related illness investigations.
  • Noise, relative humidity, mould, chemical, particulate, radon, thermal comfort, and ventilation monitoring.