Hazardous Materials Inspection

hazardous materials inspectionWorkSafeBC requires hazardous material building inspections to be completed prior to any work, renoavations or demolitions which will occur. Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd’s team of certified Hazardous Materials Building Inspectors (HMBI) & Level S Surveyors & Samplers offer inspection services, bulk sampling and written reports reviewed and signed by our Certified Industrial Hygienist.

All our reports include inspections of the following hazardous materials:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • PCB’s
  • Mould

It is regulatory requirements to have Hazardous Materials Inspections conducted by a Qualified Person for any building/structures/equipment prior to demolition, renovation, or salvage of materials. All our reports include sample results, risk assessment,sample locations, sample drawings and recommendations.

Suspect hazardous materials in buildings are identified, and sampled in accordance with ASTM standards, applicable hazardous materials sampling guidelines, and WorkSafe BC “Safe Handling of Asbestos” guidelines for conducting bulk sampling.

Upon completion of analysis at an AIHA certified lab a written report is provided to clients.

Asbestos Management Plans

Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd. team of certified Hazardous Materials Building Inspectors & Level S Surveyors & Samplers develop asbestos management plans. WorkSafeBC requires the owner/employer/strata have an inventory of all asbestos-containing materials in the workplace. Asbestos Management Plans include bulk sampling, lab reports, sampling locations, and full inventory reports. These reports are required for the health and safety of sub contractors, contractors, repair technicians and other various workers/people that may come in contact with asbestos exposure.

Abatement Project Training & Mentoring

Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd. provides certified high & moderate risk asbestos abatement training courses (Level 2). We also provide supervisory and site mentoring services. We provide and deliver full regulatory WorkSafeBC compliance monitoring services. We offer training, air sampling, containment set up checks, containment pressure checks, abatement project supervision, clearance inspections and occupation air sampling.