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Respiratory Fit Testing

As per Worksafe Regulation 8.40 employers are required to provide workers with appropriate respirators wherever workers are exposed to hazardous substances in the air. This includes gases, vapours, dusts, fibres, mists, fumes & bio-aerosols. Different hazards require different types of respirators, so it’s important to choose the right respirator for the breathing hazards in your workplace. All respirators must also be fitted with the correct filter/cartridge in order to be effective.

A Fit Test is a test to measure the quality of seal between a person’s clean shaven face and a respirator. It is required for many jobs in a wide variety of industries as employers have to ensure that their employees are equipped with a proper fitting respirator. Respirator Fit Testing is an Annual Requirement as per Worksafe Regulation 8.40.

Types of Respirator Fit Testing

There are TWO major categories of fit tests: Qualitative (pass/fail basis) and Quantitative (scientific measure basis). Although ANTIQUITY’S can perform both, we highly recommend the Quantitative test as it provides a much more accurate reading of the quality of the mask’s seal.

ANTIQUITY’s team of trained Occupational Health & Safety experts will answer any questions you have about the fit testing process, requirements to wear a facepiece respirator, what type of respirator is best for you, seal check and how to maintain it.

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Our fit test process delivers the surety you and your team demand. The only sure way to know your respirator fits is to perform a respirator fit test. We stand ready to help you comply with our provincial guidelines and stay safe.