I have had the privilege of working alongside Trevor Getty for several years, and I am continually impressed by his expertise and dedication as an industrial hygienist. With over three decades of experience in this field, Trevor’s knowledge is truly unparalleled. He has an exceptional ability to identify and mitigate workplace hazards, ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees. Trevor’s attention to detail, strong work ethic, and commitment to best practices make him an invaluable asset to any organization. I highly recommend Trevor Getty for any industrial hygiene-related project or role.

Don Fillion

Senior Hygienist, CIH

“My company has had a number of its employees trained as Hazardous Materials Building Inspectors through Antiquity Environmental. Compared to other training taken in this field, Antiquity provided training far more suited to the real world of what we do on a day to day basis as an HBMI.”

Dave Prinn

“OneSource Abatement Ltd, has used Antiquity for more than 4 high risk and moderate risk courses. We are a newer company that also owns a construction company. We decided to start our own asbestos abatement company because of how bad other abatement companies did work for us. Nothing but bad experiences from these companies and 2 were shut down by WCB in the middle of abating our projects. Long story short, we wanted to make sure our crews were going into a safe worksite after an abatement. Hence we started our own company for ourselves and it just grew. Curtis, Erika, Ryan offer amazing services. Always on time, 99% accommodation rate for DOP tests, clean air tests etc. Curtis has helped with advice and tips that have helped us get better at what we do and make us more aware of any issues. Antiquity is well respected by Worksafe. I had a visit from the head officer from the Asbestos Division and he was happy with our set up and, safety procedures etc. All this information, tips and tricks were acquired from the courses Antiquity offers and onsite advice from Curtis and Ryan. When a company is supported by the company that originally trained them, the work becomes more and more safe. You will not go wrong in using Antiquity. Ericka is the first point of contact and always makes booking easy and she always accommodates on short notice. I have to give them a 10 out of 10”

Randy Kautzman

OneSource Abatement Ltd.

“Efficient, professional, and personable crew”

Randy Montroy

Randhill Construction Ltd.

“Great Team! Providing professional quality work at a reasonable price. Work you can trust!”

4W's Demo Ltd.

“A great local environmental consulting company! I’ve worked with them for over 10 years and they are always very professional and thorough. Trevor has many years of experience in the industry. An honest and dependable company. Give them a call!”

Aaron Deboer

“Best service for any environmental services”

Olivier Thuot

“I have taken a few courses through Antiquity and Trevor has streamlined the HBMI course to make it better than the US AHERA course and applicable to BC legislation.”

Don F.

“Trevor and his team are true professionals. We have worked hand in hand with them for many years. In the often chaotic world of Hazmat, the team at Antiquity do everything to make the process smooth and painless as possible. I can’t recommend them enough for even the most complex job. As consultants they offer paths to success instead of road blocks as is so often seen. They are top of their class.”
CM Environmental Inc.